Parameter Method

EMISA is concerned about the effectiveness of the regulatory framework introduced by the IMO under Marpol Annex VI (regulation 13, NOx emissions). The three on-board verification procedures provided by the NOx Technical Code are:

  1. The on-board Parameter Method (Art. 6.2 fo NOx Technical Code) hereinafter the “Parameter Method” or the “Method”;
  2. The on-board simplified measurement method (Art. 6.3 of NOx Technical Code);
  3. The on-board direct measurement and monitoring method (Art. 6.4 of NOx Technical Code)

Point b. and c. remain practically unused. 15 years after its inception, the Parameter Method is now out-dated and no longer supports its own original aims. Besides that:

  • It creates a monopoly, especially the IMO reference numbering system
  • It delays innovation to reduce emissions and it is definitely not the most effective way of measuring to protect the environment
  • We also have to deal with SOx, CO2 and PM in the future and not only NOx